Georg (Ellen Muth) recalls Sunday mornings bonding over breakfast with her Dad (Greg Kern). She has to go to the university to reap the soul of a student named R. L. Guggenheim on the seventh floor of the dorm and Mason (Callum Blue) comes along to steal drugs from the students’ rooms. George had gone to college too. Her mother (Cynthia Stevenson) sent her there to get her out of the house and George promptly dropped out. They meet Charlotte (A.J. Cook) and Mason promptly falls in love with her. In fact, he saves her from date-rape by braining her attacker with a fire-extinguisher. She needs a ride to the laundromat and Mason says he has a car. She guesses what kind of car it is—a red Trans-Am—and he goes off to steal one. George and Charlotte go off together.

Roxie (Jasmine Guy) is confronted a huge, angry man named Chuck (Kevin Durand) when she gives him a ticket. When he lays a hand on her and attacks her meter-maid car, she reaches into his chest, pulls his soul out of his body, and shoves it back in again. This is a religious experience for him and he founds a new religion. His angry, violent nature is gone. He turns his truck into a shrine, lives in a crate under the bridge, and recruits other people to his faith.

George tells her boss, Delores (Christine Willes) that she has a lunch-date and Delores tells her she doesn’t have to lie just because she’s lonely, but Charlotte shows up and they go out. Charlotte tells George she should come to her favorite seminar. She does and discovers that the Professor is her father Clancy Lass (Greg Kern). George is amazed. She asks Charlotte if the Professor has moved on from his daughter’s death, but he hasn’t. George is astonished at her father’s sensitive, poetic nature, which she never saw before.

George is going out again with Charlotte, who turns up at Der Waffle Haus and everybody meets her. Probably everyone thinks she’s George’s girlfriend and they’re impressed as hell. Rube gives her a note on someone to be reaped at a streetcorner. George thinks at first it’s the guy juggling knives but it’s a bystander that a Graveling trips up. She reaps him and walks away with Charlotte, who is beginning to carry a torch for George’s father because he lost his daughter. She has a touching sonnet to give him and it’s pretty clear that she intends to lose her virginity with the Professor. George asks him if he misses his daughter and he explains that he thought she would come back to him if he let her go, but that was all the time they had. That does it. Charlotte is smitten.

Rube (Mandy Patinkin) tells Roxy that taking someone’s soul of out their body from simple pique is not allowed and that’s why this whole religion has resulted.  Someday, there will be little plastic meter-maids on dashboards with bobbing heads. She has to fix it and she does so by grabbing him by the balls until he loses his mind and goes back to being the angry ass-hole he’s supposed to be.

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