George (Ellen Muth) is stuck with a tedious collating job. She is not earning enough at Happy Time to support herself, particularly now that she has to pay for health benefits. One would think that being dead disqualifies one for health benefits, but no. Roxy (Jasmine Guy) feels good and is given two days off by Rube (Mandy Patinkin) because he knows the anniversary of her death is coming and she is depressed.

Daisy (Laura Harris) meets her next reap, Mary Kate Hourihan (Susan Sullivan) a rich bitch who dies at the table of an expensive club. Daisy has a scheme for her, George, and Mason (Callum Blue) to make money from her reap. Mary Kate is a country club matron who wants to make sure that her useless son Matthew (Haig Sutherland) takes over the company and she simply won’t move on to the next world until that happens. Daisy uses makeup to make George look as if she’s been crying and her boss gives her bereavement leave. Daisy uses George and Mason to back up a phony séance with a real ghost.

After attending her own funeral, Mary Kate provides a note to her son. Matthew is weeping. He is told he must take over the board and who to watch out for and get rid of. In the middle of it, Daisy pretends it’s all too exhausting for her and to come back tomorrow, but the son offers her more money. George and Mason, in the back room, rejoice. Mary Kate is happy that her son knows instinctively how to be a bastard at the directors’ board. In fact, the police break in and bust up the séance, taking the money, because Matthew called the cops. George and Mason take off and leave Daisy behind. Outside, the cop is shot to death, but it turns out the bust was faked by Rube with the aid of reapers. Mary Kate is taken up to heaven in a glowing yacht and Daisy is in deep shit with Rube.

Meanwhile, Roxy (Jasmine Guy) is depressed on the 21st anniversary of her death, when a competitor strangled her with a leg-warmer of her own invention. Rube and she have Bundt cake before the fire and she says good-bye to her life by throwing her leg warmers in the flames. George goes sailing.

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