The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) escapes from Swarm (Sam Spruell), taking Tecteun’s Ood (Simon Carew and voice of Silas Carson) with her. Swarm and Azure (Rochenda Sandall) almost have her, but she removes her conversion plate and is split into three copies, one on a Division spacecraft, one on Bel’s ship, and one in the Liverpool tunnels. On the Division ship. Azure tries to restore the Doctor’s missing memories from her fob watch, but the Doctor refuses to see them. Azure reveals her plan to bend the Flux into a time-loop of universal destruction. The Ood tries to slow down the Flux. In the Passenger, Linder (Jacob Anderson) and Diane (Nadia Albina), disrupt its internal systems and escape.

Yaz (Mandip Gill), Dan (John Bishop), and Williamson (Steve Oram) take out the Sontaran vanguard troops with lightning and travel through a door into 2021. They meet Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave), who is leading the resistance against the Sontarans. The Doctor bargains for Claire’s (Annabelle Scholey) and Jericho’s (Kevin McNally) help in finding the coordinates of the final Flux event. The Doctor takes back the TARDIS from Kate.

The Doctor crashes Bel’s ship into the Sontaran Command Headquarters, but they are stopped by a force field, captured, and placed on a Sontaran ship. Karvanista (Craig Els) reveals that when the Doctor was in the Division, he was her companion, but he has a poison implant in his brain and can’t say any more. The Sontarans remove the Doctor and inform Karvanista that the Lupari have been exterminated. The Doctor, at the controls of the TARDIS, frees her Grand Serpent’s torture device and aims it at him (Craig Parkinson).

Bel downloads some Sontaran transmissions that offer an alliance with the Cybermen and the Daleks, which is just a ruse to sacrifice them to the Flux while the Sontarans hide behind the Lupari Shield. Claire escapes the ship but Jericho cannot. The Doctor rescues Vinder and Diane and changes the Lupari shield to allow the Flux to consume the Sontarans, Daleks, and Cybermen. Also, Jericho. She uses the endless matter of the Passenger (Jonny Mathers) to absorb the flux.

Azure and Swarm bring the Doctor to Atropos to sacrifice her to Time, but Time destroys them. It lets the Doctor go but warns her about the future before reuniting her. In the tunnels, Kate and Vinder maroon the Grand Serpent on a small asteroid. Vinder and Bel decide to travel with Karvanista. Dan invites Diane on a date but she refuses, so the Doctor invites Dan to join her and Yaz on their adventures. She buries her memory-laden fob watch deep in the TARDIS.

The Vanquishers, sixth and final chapter of the Flux, was written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Azhur Saleem. It was well liked by critics, called satisfying, though criticized as confusing in its rush to tie up six episodes of loose ends. Vinder was finally united with his pregnant wife Bel—a tough babe if ever there was one—after spending most of the series looking for each other. Dan finally finds Diane but she still won’t go out with him. The Doctor reunites with herself. She actually comes face-to-face with Time itself. Nicholas Briggs was the voice of both the Daleks and the Cybermen. The whole six-part arc was indeed confusing at times , but it was spectacular and astonishing to see and Jodie Whittaker was an acting whirlwind—three of her at the same time.

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