George (Ellen Muth) encounters a schizophrenic named Ronnie Dobbs (Tygh Runyan), who can see Gravelings. Nobody believes him and he dislikes taking his meds. He focusses on George when he discovers she can see the creatures too and she begins to have feelings for him. Rube (Mandy Patinkin) is frightened and protective of George, so he tells the guy that George is his mental patient and he should leave her alone. With Ronnie, George has her first kiss, now that she’s dead. He follows her home and she gets drugs from Mason (Callum Blue) to help him sleep. He believes that death is stalking him. He listens to voices in his head from someone he calls the Shepherd. Daisy (Laura Harris) is impressed that George has a cute young guy living in her apartment. She goes out on a reap with George and steals a car to get downtown.   

At Happy Time, George trains a new worker named Fiona (Tegan Moss). She steals supplies and her work is sloppy because George told her it’s all meaningless. George is kind of proud of her. George’s mother ( Cynthia Stevenson) wants to send sister Reggie (Britt McKillip) to private school. But Reggie wants a horse. Mom had wanted a horse as a child and gets Reggie riding lessons. But she changes her mind. She wants a drum set instead. George recalls that, as a child, she never got money or candy from the Tooth Fairy. She got written inspirational notes from her mother. When she decided that the tooth fairy and Santa Claus did not exist, she decided that God was imaginary too.

Mason (Callum Blue) tries to win Daisy’s affections when they go to reap a bride and groom at their wedding. Ronnie shows up, sees a Graveling at the church and thinks he’s going to die. He tells George he has to leave town because Death is after him. He stands up and tells everyone they’re going to die and that they have to run. He thinks George may be Death, but she just works for him. George reaps Ronnie’s soul just before he falls off a balcony onto the bride and groom and kills them. He and George say goodbye. Reggie gets a drum set and drives her mother crazy, but George finds a note on the toilet-seat tree thanking George and sends it to Mom, who thinks it was sent to her.

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